Disstatisfaction among the people explodes


IMG_3401The perception of Iceland is something that would be similar to this picture. Yes, the picture is from Iceland and yes, there exists these harmonious houses near the sea.

But you only have to speak with people or go to a demonstration in front of the parliament to understand that this harmonious little island has huge problems that has made the people fed up with the government. The Pirate Party has now the biggest support from the people.The party exists in 60 countries but only in Iceland has it had this support.

As well as displaying political discontent in opinion polls, thousands of Icelanders have been on strike over a bitter wage dispute. Unions in the country have been trying to reach an agreement over the strikes for almost 2 months although there appears light at the end of the tunnel with negotiations taking place. Not the idyllic scenes of stunning ponies and volcanoes after all.

Annie Butterworth and Rikke Cathrine Nielsen 
3th of June, 2015.